Success Stories

At Full Circle Chiropractic, we are grateful for our wonderful patients. Read some of our unsolicited testimonials!

“Dr. Natalie King treats my daughter with dignity and respect. She feels very comfortable with her and enjoys every visit. Dr. Natalie’s treatments are effective; it shows in my daughter’s performance at school and on the soccer field.” Cynthia C

“Just so you know without you my pregnancy would be a much more uncomfortable journey! Thanks for taking care of me every week! Can’t wait to have my little son come and see you when he’s out, 7 more weeks.” Annika T

“I’m doing great! I had Ellie on May 17th (my due date actually). It was a lovely birth experience and everything went great. Contractions started about 9:30ish in the evening and they quickly picked up speed. I checked into the hospital just after 11:30ish and I delivered at 1:12 a.m. It was a completely natural un-medicated birth…a totally beautiful experience. In so many ways I credit the chiropractic care I received from you in properly prepping my body. THANK YOU!” Wiski L

“I recently had an adjustment from Dr. Wilson. She and I scheduled for a Friday afternoon. During the course of the day it became clear I was not going to make it on time. No problem. She changed the appointment for Saturday without a word of trouble. Saturday came and she was in her office on time. She did the best job with my back . It still feels amazing!” Dave W